{Review} "13 minutes"

Title: 13 minutes
Author: Sarah Pinborough
Publisher: Gollancz
Pages: 406

I was dead for 13 minutes now I want to know why.


I don't remember how I ended up in the icy water but I do know this: it wasn't an accident.
They say, you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. 
My friends love me. I know they do. 
But that doesn't mean they didn't try to kill me.

My opinion

There is written "Not suitable for younger readers" at the back of the book and I agree that younger readers should really follow this statement. It is all about sex, drugs and attempted murder - the bad side of the society of teenagers. It is a murder mystery which includes the behaviour of teenagers, social media and bullying.
The protagonist is Natasha who is found in the river and doesn't have any memory of what happened before she died for 13 minutes. But she is willing to figure out what happened the day she nearly died. Natasha starts to suspect her closest friends of pulling her into the icy water that evening and asks her ex best friend Becca to help her uncover the truth. 
It was thrilling every page. Every paragraph oozes with suspense, every sentence shocked and appalled me more and more, but it was in a kind which didn't let you stop reading but always kept going. I sat at the edge of my seat all the time because there were so many mind games I didn't know. Having read half of the book it seemed like the truth had come out and I kind of expected the twist, but it still surprised me.
The story is composed of diary entries by Natasha, excerpts of some consolations, parts are told in 3rd person, text messages, articles of the newspaper and notes of a policewoman.
The characters were authentic and so simon-pure. Sarah Pinborough cleverly created some teenage girls who depict the situation of growing up. With a few words, she reflects the modern life and contrasts who you are and who you pretend to be.
"Her reaction was so predictable. Everyone is so predictable."  
I really like this quotation because the bottom line is that this statement isn't unimportant. But I don't want to spoil
Natashas near-death or death-for-13-minutes is the beginning of more! Some strange things happen in the course of this story and there are some surprising twists and turns. The plot is awesome and the ending was just incredible and fantastic.


It's a gripping and shocking story about female friendship and the life of teens.
I give it 5 out of 5 infinities of books.

Yours Ju


  1. You told me a long time ago that this book is a must-read. (i hope i can call it in this way, but this is not the point.) I love it when you share your opinion about books so i just want to say is: keep doing, you did a great job in the last months. Don't give up.


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