{Storytime} Why winter is dangerous...

The three B's of winter:
It is cold outside. You search for cozyness and safety inside your home. Watching the storminess of the snow. The cold. The whiteness. But being protected by warmth. Being happy about the fact you are covered by comfy blankets. 
But the chill outside is just a trick of the winter. Because the winter knows you would backtrack into the cushy warmth. And the concequence, the reason why winter is so cold, is that you are most likely ensnached to do these three things:

1. Cookies 
Bildergebnis für christmas cookies

Yeah. These sweet things are cruel servants of the winter. They beguil you with their sweetness but they are pure cold-blooded seduction. You might say: "Well. They can't be so cold-harted when they are baked." Please open your eyes! They fool you with this trick!
No wonder that your scale shows some kilos more after winter!

2. Sport

Bildergebnis für fat kitten wrapped in a blanket

You may say: Which sport? And that is what I mean! The demoniac aura of winter makes you lazy. And with some extra fat because of the cookies you are even lazier. 
And you apparently know what this results in: Some more kilos on the scale ...
3. Hot tea/ cacoa/ coffee

Bildergebnis für hot chocolate tumblr

You probably ask yourself why I am down on hot tea and cacoa and coffee. My answer: They taste too good to be true! You just drink them, and drink them ... and when you don't pay attention they burn your tongue! They are as cruel as bisquits!

You might mean: "Girl. That's non-sense! I am not so stupid to be inside all the time!"
And my answer: "Listen to me. I am not done yet. These weren't the only tricks of winter. It has much more deception in stock!":

1. Ice
Bildergebnis für ice ground

Imagine: You dare to leave your cozy home. Some fat on your belly and thigs because of the cookies. You open the door, breath in the cool air. Filling your whole wind-pipe. 
You are aware of the ice on the ground. You are not stupid. You take some cautious steps, because you don't want to skid. But then a winter-feeling grippes you and you become careless, incautious. And then you slip. And break your neck. It's your end. Well ... winter tricked you.

2. Skiing

Bildergebnis für skis in the snow

Another situation: Imagine you are not stupid and don't slide on ice. You want to loose some weight by skiing. You dress in a winter-jacket and some snow-trousers. You put on a helmet to protect your head. And last but not least you don your ski-shoes. 
Then you venture down a piste. You drive some curves to warm up a little. But then you feel secure. You gain speed. And you fall. And you break your neck. It's your end. 
Now you will say: "Dude?! I've got a hemlet!"
But I am like: "Dude?! You still can break your neck if you fall down in a stupid way?! A helmet only protects your head! Winter tricked you again!"

3. Igloo

Bildergebnis für igloo

When you read this title you doubtless roll your eyes and announce that I am dumb and you can't die because of an igloo.
You can. 
And I show you how.
Take stock of yourself and imagine this situation: You weren't so shortsighted to slide on ice or go skiing. You are happy about the snow. You jump in it. You build a snow man. You make a snow angel (which more likely looks like the shape of you, tying to make a snow angfel.) But then you have got a bigger idea. A greater one! You want to build an igloo! What a great idea! ... Not ... 
You will frame it and sit yourself into it. But you don't realise that it is really fragile. Until the moment it drops on you. And ...
You are probably bugged and say: "Blablabla ... 'And you will break your neck. It's your end. Winter tricked you again.' We already know it. And it is foolish stuff you deliver."
But no! Stupid!? Why should you break your neck because of some snow falling on you? You obviously will be buried alive!

I hoped you liked this. Please comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to say. 


P.S. I couldn't make the pics myself because there isn't enough snow and that's the reason why I had to ask google for help. Sorry for that.


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